Will and LPA production software

Please can I ask for readers to put forward their recommendations for external software. I have previously used DPL and I am wanting to review alternatives on the market with users feedback.

Daniel Boyle
Brethertons Solicitors LLP

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Daniel we have spent the last 3 years developing software for wills, trusts and LPA’s plus much more. Currently over 2500 users including solicitors. Next week the 125000 customer will have docs drafted.
When using the software it warns the user if advice not being taken or planning may create a tax event. This will generate a disclaimer in the next few weeks for signature by the client to reduce risk.
Software also generates all documents used for trust admin such as trustee minutes appointment of trustees etc all at touch of a button.
Let me know if you want a trial as this can be sent to you

Clive Ponder
Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd