Wills Software vs Word

I would be interested to hear members views on the use of “Wills Package” software versus standard (editable) clauses in word. As a firm we have used a software package for some years. In general it has been good albeit at a price. However occasional glitches are not easily sorted and there is a call to “go back” to the old system in word.

I can see the simplicity of using the “old system” but also the added dangers of having precedents that are more editable and the mistakes that could follow. Then of course there is the need to keep precedents up to date.

Genuinely I would be interested to know what systems or types of systems other firms use?

TIA for any responses.

We just use MS Word. We looked at various wills packages a few years ago and spoke to a few other law firms who reported that in the end they got sick of paying a price for every will.

It is possible to create a set of ‘standard’ precedent Wills in MS Word and protect them from editing. Then copy the standard for the specific Will and do the editing. Also specific parts of the MS Word standard precedent can ‘locked’ and other areas open for editing.

Hope that helps

Thanks Vincent. We also have a package that charge a sum for each Will that is engrossed!

I have been looking at software - we had a demo from Arken which would be £8.50 per will and I would pass the cost on to the client.

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